We Have Big Plans for the Future – Be a Part of Them!

We Have Big Plans for the Future – Be a Part of Them!

We’re not striving to be a status quo company – we have ambitious goals set for ACC. These objectives give our efforts focus and structure, and keep us on alert for the next big opportunity.

For example, we have made it a goal to develop strong new market relationships and to extend our campaigns into new communities. We’re also working to help at least two individuals promote into management by next year. These plans are big enough to demand our full attention, and in fact have encouraged us to find fresh talent to join our team.

We seek individuals who have a drive for success, leadership potential, and a thirst for knowledge. While experience in our industry is appreciated, it is not required: our thorough ACC training and development program gives our executives access to all the tools and information they need to achieve their personal and professional potential.

Career-oriented people will like our well-defined promotional paths, which are attached to every position in our company. We make sure that everyone knows exactly what is required for them to move into management, and then guide them as they progress. We promote based on merit, so team members have control over the pace at which they choose to advance.

Our well-defined objectives provide us with motivation and momentum. Find out more about joining our team by liking ACC on Facebook.