Seize the Power and Be Your Own Change

It’s a common belief throughout ACC that the best things in life are earned through hard work. The most fulfilling careers, the most rewarding relationships, and even the most joyful social lives require considerable effort. This is a good thing, because it makes success sweeter.

There are two fundamental principles that will help anyone push forward and seize their ambitions. The first is to always be aware of your value. Know what you have to offer, and trust your abilities, knowledge, and instincts. This may mean that you must set limits, passing on certain opportunities that will get in the way of progress. It may also require you to assert yourself to ensure your value is appreciated and used appropriately.

The other principle is a matter of conviction. Once you have rallied your strengths, it’s time to act on them. Expect that there will be challenges along the way, and expect there to be naysayers. Whatever it takes, resist the urge to seek permission or approval before getting what you want. Stay focused and committed to rise above adversity, and you will realize your vision.

We consistently remind ourselves and each other of our value, and embrace the power of conviction daily. ACC’s standing at the top of the consulting and marketing services industry is evidence that these strategies are effective.

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