PRESS RELEASE: ACC Inc. Interviewing for Entry Into Electrifying Industry

PRESS RELEASE: ACC Inc. Interviewing for Entry Into Electrifying Industry

HEMPSTEAD, NY – Leaders at ACC Inc. announced that the firm is hiring. Attributes of an ideal candidate were discussed, as were the perks team members enjoy.

As 2018 comes to an end, ACC Inc. frontrunners are reflecting on all the firm’s successes and the imminent growth that is sure to occur in the coming year. The customer acquisition industry is booming, and in order for the company to keep up with demand for its services it will need to bring several new team members on board.

ACC Inc. leaders are looking for those with drive and an appreciation for continual learning. They will enjoy being in the spotlight, and know how to command attention. Using these soft skills as a foundation, the firm’s learning system will then provide new team members with access to industry-specific knowledge and skills through focused coaching, workshops, and seminars. This thorough but flexible curriculum will take an ambitious professional from new associate to executive at whatever pace they choose.

For those looking to take the career path less traveled, an opportunity with ACC Inc. brings a number of advantages. The comprehensive training is only the beginning; the company is also committed to promoting internally as well. Once an associate has mastered the skills of his or her current role, they can advance their careers to the next level. Promotions are based on results, making the firm a level playing field for everyone.

Another benefit is the firm’s travel program. Throughout the year, associates have chances to attend leadership seminars, networking conferences, and even weekend retreats in exotic locales. These provide access to industry leaders from around the world and help team members develop traits such as resilience and goal-setting strategies.

Successful ACC Inc. Associates Are Goal-Oriented

One of the most important skills an ACC Inc. associate can have is the ability to set goals. Even if a candidate has some knowledge of how to do this, the firm’s coaches still include SMART goals as part of their training. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive, and using these five attributes as a filter turns even the vaguest wish into a well-defined objective.

This commitment to supporting people as they work to achieve their personal and professional potential is what drove ACC Inc.’s success in 2018, and will continue to do so in 2019. The coming year promises to be an exceptional opportunity for anyone involved in the customer acquisitions industry.

About ACC:
ACC is a growth-focused customer acquisitions firm. It is a reputed leader in the marketing and consulting field. The team designs, launches, and manages outreach campaigns. Their expertise builds awareness, engagement, and overall market presence. The company’s success is due to a culture of passion, energy, and empowerment. ACC’s impact is extending into new regions due to rising demand for its services. This gives the firm greater power to gain ground on behalf of growing businesses. Commitment to values such as integrity and excellence further set the firm above others in the industry. Visit to learn more about how they make an impact.