How to Push Past a Career Slowdown

How to Push Past a Career Slowdown

Career slumps can happen to even the most motivated and dedicated people. Around the ACC office, we understand that things sometimes slow down professionally. We also know that there are simple and effective strategies that can turn things around and put you back on the right career track. Here are a few reliable methods for taking control of your career when it’s in a momentary rut:

• Mine Your Network: The advice you need to find an extra gear in your professional pursuits might come from someone you’ve known for a long time. When we need a jolt to get closer to our most ambitious ACC aspirations, we often attend some kind of industry event to meet with likeminded pros. By interacting with old and new connections, we discover great ideas we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves.

• Volunteer for a Big Project: We also recharge our confidence by taking on new responsibilities. If there’s a chance to volunteer your services for a demanding project, it’s worth taking just to see what a fresh context can do for your career endeavors. You might discover a hidden talent that can be applied elsewhere.

• Keep Learning New Things: Even when you think you’re in a slump, it’s no excuse to stop improving your skill set and knowledge base however you can. As you gain new insights, you might find that you open doors to brand new professional objectives you’d never considered before.

We’ve found these techniques effective when bumping up against a career downturn. Follow ACC on Twitter for more of our best success tips.