How Innovation Takes Root and Grows

How Innovation Takes Root and Grows

Around here, you won’t hear anyone profess this is the way we’ve always done it. The simple truth is, status quo means staying put. When you’re part of Team ACC, our mission is to be ahead of the pack, always outpacing the competition. To get there, our leaders push us to be innovative in all that we do, every day.

Why is channeling our imaginations and creative sides so vital to growth? As we’ve learned from the results we achieve through our ACC initiatives, when we’re open to new ideas and doing things bigger and better, the opportunities are endless.

Our ACC leadership keeps us inspired each step of the way. They articulate clear and consistent visions and expectations to our people, who in turn are empowered to use their brainpower to identify the most effective paths to accomplishing goals. We eschew firm hierarchy in favor of open communication. It’s within this supportive culture, built on trust, that every team member can deliver outstanding performance.

Diversity is the spice that really brings our campaigns to life. Our team is comprised of people from all walks of life, with different backgrounds and experiences that add a variety of perspectives to our approach. We value everyone’s input and encourage originality as part of our collaborative workspace. The outcomes speak to our success.

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