How Do Entrepreneurs Find Their Best Ideas?

Just about everyone can come up with a compelling idea. Great concepts are tossed around the ACC office daily. It requires some extra effort to turn an idea into a successful business venture, however. What separates the dreamers from the doers? As we’ve pondered the answers to this question, we’ve discovered several practices that get the ball rolling:

· Write Down Everything: Some ideas seem more promising than others, but it’s best to write them down anyway. You never know which concept has the potential to become something big. What’s more, these thoughts are likely to inspire other, bigger revelations.

· Observe Everything: The world is full of learning opportunities. During every ACC business trip, for instance, we make a point to learn about the culture in the area. We explore new cities, meet new people, and try new foods. These efforts always lead to fresh perspectives.

· Look for Lessons: Of course, there is plenty to learn close to home as well. Every victory, along with every challenge and unexpected situation, holds something of value. We home in on this value and apply the takeaways to our future endeavors.

By putting the right strategies to work, all sorts of ideas come to light. Many of them even have the substance needed to create a promising business possibility. Follow ACC on Twitter to learn about our best and most recent revelations.